Illuminated Letters

The illuminated Letters inside the margins of an illuminated manuscript page were there to highlight or emphasize the stories within them.During the Middle Ages only the most wealthy or religious were allow to read. The illuminated Letters had the value of documenting the story with an illustrated scene.They were there so that even those who could not read could still understand the overall meaning.

They are beautiful! Some of the best examples of illuminated letters are in the ‘Book of Kells’ which you can view online as well as find in any bookstore. Libraries almost always have a copy, too!

Illuminated letters may have vines drawn around the letter’s parts or a letter may be made to look like something else. Illuminated letters have miniature scenes of architecture,landscapes,angels,and the flora and fauna of the land that they originated from.My illuminated Wildlife Letters study the history,culture, habitat,textiles, and the spiritual relationship toward honoring all creatures great and small.

My hope is to tell a story about the endangered species of our planet Earth.The word illuminated means to become enlightened. Please enjoy the Illuminated Letter Gallery

Item#003Dreamer/Illuminated Mandala
Title: Dreamer
Original: 20 x 20 True Gesso Panel
Medium: Egg Tempera, Raised 23k Gold Leaf Letters, Gold Mica Powder Paint,
on 20×20 true gesso panel.
Description: I began to create “Dreamer,” with The Beatles, “Imagine,” lyrics by John Lennon. The
Lyrics by John Lennon I choose from Imagine say “You may say that I am a Dreamer,
but I am not the only one.” was one of my father’s favorite songs.
The center tree symbolizes a Tree of Life. In the center of the tree is a dreamcatcher
with a Laguna Beach landscape of Main Beach. All seeing eye of mother nature in the
center of the dreamcatcher is hoping for the Earth’s precious bird species to be safe at


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